Children and Youth

Are you a parent of a young athlete? A child’s sports path is not easy to coordinate with school responsibilities and due to the simple fact that children should be exactly that – children.

Personal development

Are you planning a change for a long time? Do you want to do quality work on yourself? We are experts who can help you plan and implement even the most challenging life changes.


Mental training in sports makes the difference between the average, the good, and those who break down the barriers and leave a mark. Learn how to improve performance and keep it constant. We are psychologists to help you find that 1%.


Improving focus, controlling emotions and motivation can make you better than you have ever been. Meet your full potential, learn how to lead others, or meet your own business goals. The choice is yours.

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What makes us different is the willingness to use our mistakes as our strength in the future, and, consequently, as a tool for helping others.

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Together with our clients we are part of their story

  • “Although I’ve always invested so much in my sport and been successful in it, Mental Training has taught me how to self-control in all situations and how to enter and stay in the Zone. Work with mental coaches get me real self-confidence based on everyday investment, and anxiety has dropped to the limit that is almost gone”

    DAMIR MARTIN (2014.-2018.)
  • „Throughout every workshop I gained the knowledge that I use today with all of my athletes. Individual results are now much better. I recommend to all trainers who have problems with the mental preparation of their athletes!“

    Football coach
  • “All of you who’ve seen pole vaulting may conclude that it’s not just a physical sport, but is, for the most part, a strenuous psychological activity. Before I started working with the wonderful people in Mental Training, I lacked focus and nothing made sense, but our joint work pulled me out of impossible situations as I found my way to the top.
    Working with Mental Training helped me realize my dreams and beyond towards better and greater goals..”

    IVAN HORVAT (2014.-2018.)
  • “I have always admired athletes and their mental strength. They seemed to share a secret that the rest of the world did not know. The secret to getting the best of yourself, beating yourself, and, finally, ‘living’ yourself. How to master yourself, your emotions, how to be free and responsible, vulnerable and authentic. How to win and how to lose, how to fall, and how to get up. How to be present here and now and never ever give up. The secret of that second when they create their own field of excellence. That’s not an easy road and it demands discipline, commitment, passion, desire, and maximum investment. My trainer’s name is Igor. My discipline is Mental Training. My road is called the best version of me. I train 24/7, 365 days a year.”

  • “In tennis, mental training means a lot to me. I’m calmer, more focused, more concentrated, and I know what to do in any moment. Those few percent I couldn’t find is just what I’ve lacked in my game. Mental training has made me a better person and, because of it, I’m always motivated and eager to do more. It simply helps me in all life moments and I can’t imagine my life without it any more – especially when I play tennis.”

    Tennis player
  • “Mental Training provides me support in my most critical moments from which I should come out stronger than before.”


We believe that good collaboration is the key to achieving a goal