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Burnout Protect Training (BPT)

In the last decade, burnout has become an everyday problem for employers. The purpose of this training is to provide professional support by creating a system of personal protection of Your employees. Mental and physical health for employees is at serious risk as they juggle everyday work challenges with private time. How you feel affects how you complete your tasks at work. At the same time, the way you work and perceive your work affects your emotions. Job requirements will not disappear, so it is necessary to equip yourself with the tools that will protect you from a potential burnout.

Burnout syndrome has become so common at all levels today that effective protection tools have become necessary. Burnout usually happens gradually and employees’ productivity reduces long before it actually occurs. Most people try to find some balance between private and business life but, due to dealing with cumulative stress, numerous work, and private challenges, we need a new set of tools that can be learned quickly and used daily.

With the right protection, there is no need for sick leave, absences, loss of focus, or loss of emotional control.

The BPT training is carried out in three separate modules and each module represents a whole for itself. However, we suggest combining all three modules for the maximum benefit of your employees.

BPT1: Power Breathing

Breathing is an automatic function that responds to the demands of your mind and body. The way you breathe affects your focus, emotional control and stress resistance. What is often forgotten is that you can take control of your breathing and turn things to your own advantage. In this way, your strength really comes from within, from your breathing.

The way you breathe can influence the way you feel or think. Your physiology and your mind are so well connected that, even without putting in any conscious effort, You can change how you feel if you know how to breathe.

Different rhythms and breath ratios can change the intensity of your emotions in any direction. With this training, we want to make you aware of the fact that breathing right is equally influential on your health as ignorance is dangerous for it.

Specific breathing techniques for a specific purpose will give you concrete results, peace, and the strength you need.

This is single-day training (4 hours) and the group size depends on your needs.

Training program:

  • taking control of your breathing and using existing mechanisms
  • connecting with your breath and focused breathing
  • breathing techniques focused on developing focus and emotional control
  • advanced breathing techniques for raising intensity
  • how to fit breathing into everyday life and use it as a protection

BPT2: Mindful Workplace

About 50.000 thoughts go through our mind daily and each one of them leaves a specific trace on our emotions or behavior. If we could reduce that number and only choose the thoughts we find useful, we would be able to think in a more productive, creative, and clear way far more often. Not being aware of the present, moments we live in, is the most common cause of stress and distractions every day. The Mindfulness Approach teaches us to be present in the moment and carefree.

What we think and how we think affects our emotions and behavior. The Mindfulness Approach teaches us how to remain in the PRESENT moment, focused on what we CAN DO, rather than worry about what MAY HAPPEN in the FUTURE or what has happened in the PAST and we CANNOT change.

Specific tools designed for everyday use at work and outside work can help You in becoming free from unwanted and unnecessary thoughts, worries, and loss of focus.

Training program:

  • what is productivity and how to achieve it
  • how to be and stay present in the moment
  • noticing thoughts that affect our emotions and behavior
  • every day focus training starts with the right tool in the morning
  • creating a personal plan for use in everyday life

BPT3: V Position

Our behavior is under constant influence of our thoughts and feelings, but our behavior itself often affects how we will feel and think later. Although changing our feelings directly is rather difficult and managing our thoughts demands a certain level of skills and training, changes in body posture and certain behaviors allow us to quickly change our emotional state and be more effective at any time.

An Olympic winner celebrates by raising both hands up in the air when he or she reaches the finish line. What is interesting is that the blind people do the same gesture although they have never seen it before.

There are certain evolutionary mechanisms that activate themselves in appropriate situations. If we know how, we can take control of the same mechanisms to achieve the desired change.

Training program:

  • the connection between thoughts, emotions, and behavior
  • what are the adaptive behaviors in certain situations and how can we use them
  • anchoring and the V position
  • using the positive self-talk in synergy with body posture
  • creating a personal plan for use in everyday life

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