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Mental Training Masterclass

Excellence is a state of mind you can achieve by yourself.

If you want to improve your daily functioning in various aspects of life and achieve your long-desired change, our Mental Training Masterclass programme will help you do just that. We will teach you how to properly set goals, manage emotions and focus, and how to live by your own values.

This is not yet another training or seminar in a row, but the only scientifically based psychology of excellence training programme of this kind available in our country! The tools and knowledge you adopt here can be applied throughout your life and in any aspect of it.

What is Mental Training?

Mental Training is a unique technology of training, approaches, and tools with the aim of developing mental abilities in individuals who want to realize their full potential.

Mental Training represents the psychology of excellence that, with its simple and scientifically based techniques, works on the development of personal excellence regardless of context.

Our goal is to take full advantage of one’s potential and help them be the best they can be, leave a mark, progress daily, and break barriers.



Who, what and why

Who can participate?

The training is open to everybody who wants to learn and try out the applicable tools for personal and professional advancement.

What do you get?

With expert guidance and professional support from our trainers, you will receive practical and applicable tools throughout our programme that will help you work on your own motivation, focus, management of emotions, communication, and relationship with others. You will understand the processes of lifestyle change and decision-making.

Why MT education?

Motivation, focus, and emotional stability are the key characteristics of an individual and they can be developed if you know how. MT Masterclass education offers a precise answer to that and many more questions! Our trainers will follow your progress daily.

The number of participants per education is limited in order to ensure the quality of work and the ability to share experiences. Our aim is that every participant understands the basics of Mental Training and that they can implement quickly and efficiently what they have learned in everyday life. Mental Training represents the psychology of excellence. For this reason, we put emphasis on examples and practical experience and host some of our clients – world elite athletes who are ready to share their experiences with you.

Trainings are on Fridays and Saturdays. On Fridays from 5 PM until 9 PM we focus on the theoretical part and on applying the specific, learned tools. Also, every Friday you will have a chance to meet some of our elite athletes and hear how they use the same tools in their trainings and competitions. On Saturdays from 9 AM to 5 PM we focus on experimental and practical exercises in group work, individual work, or pair work. Saturday is also reserved for sharing experiences and guided discussion.

In order to ensure and track your progress, the program includes our online MT app as well as tasks and homework.


Introduction to Mental Training

What are the elements of the zone; what is the connection between thoughts, emotions, behaviour, and physiology; ABC system, 3C rule in coping with stress; introduction to biofeedback training; biofeedback testing


Types of motivation; how to set personally important and achievable goals; creating an action plan; defining your values

Focus and intensity

Different types of breathing exercises; body scan; deep relaxation techniques and biofeedback training

Thoughts and emotions

How to be present in a moment; using self-talk; biofeedback and neurofeedback training

Behavior and lifestyle changes

How to achieve a long-desired change, how to boost your self-confidence when necessary; action plan

Making decisions

How to make a decision and what really influences it; 3 decision-making strategies; biofeedback competition

Communication and relationships

Using simple and advanced communication skills; how to successfully resolve a conflict; how to recognize differences in others and use them to facilitate communication

Focus training

Using mental simulation; planning strategies; guiding and developing focus; biofeedback and neurofeedback training

Fears, breaking barriers, and personal responsibility

Fears as obstacles and space for improvement; personal mission and vision; creating a 5 year personal plan


Creating a personal MT plan; revision; analysis; looking back – where were we, where are we now, and what is next; final exam

Education lecturers

Igor Čerenšek

mag. psych.

Ana Čerenšek


What the programme looks like

  • - workshops are conducted individually or in groups of up to 12 participants, once a month for two days
  • - at each meeting you will learn new Mental Training tools
  • between workshops, you will get assignments to practice the learned techniques and skills

What each participant gets

  • increased productivity in everyday life
  • more effective communication skills
  • stable focus in important situations
  • stable motivation
  • peace in challenging situations
  • clearly defined goals

Do you want to join?


12,500.00 HRK

Method of payment:

one-time payment or in installments

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