Mindfulness training for children

If you want to improve your childs attention skills, emotional regulation, behavior and self-acceptance, then mindfulness program is an excellent choice for them.

In our program kids learn how to direct their attention, improve focus and concentration. We teach them how to feel calm and relaxed and how to avoid impulsive reaction in any situation.

Mindfulness program gives kids the knowledge on all of the levels on their functioning: thoughts, emotions, behavior, self-awareness, body and environment.

What is Mindfulness for children?

Mindfulness teach children how to direct their attention to important things in their mind, body and environment in the present moment. Important part of mindfulness meditation is learning how to accept those experiences in any form they appear.

Mindfulness program for children contains series of scientifically based metods and techinques which have the goal to encourage skills development that will help them to: improve awareness of what is going on in and around them, learn how to respond effectively to their thoughts, understand how emotions manifest in the body, develop tools to control impulses and recognize how attention wanders.


Who, what and why?

Who can participate?

Children from 8 to 11 years old and from 12 to 14 years old (athletes and non-athletes) can participate in the program.

What child gets?

Through a series of experiential exercises, the child will learn effective ways to calm down and manage their attention, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Why is it good to participate?

What the program looks like

  • the number of participants is limited. On this way each child gets enough time to become familiar with these exercises
  • the program takes place in the Mental Training offices once a week for 50 minutes, in a total od 4 meetings
  • each meeting consists of a theoretical part, experiential exercises, discussion and review of work assignments
  • weekly assingments after each meeting as an motive to use what has been learned
  • program can also be taken online, semi-individual or individual for children who are not from Zagreb

What each child learns

  • how to improve focus and concentration in everyday activites
  • how to improve focus on the present moment
  • how to effectively deal with negative thoughts and emotions
  • how to increase awareness and acceptance of both positive and negative personal experiences
  • how to get along with stressful situations

Do you want to join?


500.00 kn (125 HRK per workshop)

The program consists of 4 group workshops under the guidance of our trainers.

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