Mental Training for children

Balancing school work and extracurricular activities such as sport can be quite a challenge for children. It is not easy to coordinate all the childrens’ activities and responsibilities and at the same time let them be exactly what they are – children. Children face anxiety, fear, and failure for the first time and they need support. Learning the techniques of Mental Training helps children deal with everyday challenges and allows them to excel at school, sport or any other extracurricular activity, and it allows them to realise their full potential.

“Let your child join Mental training and help it overcome all the little and all the big worries it might have.”

What the programme looks like

  • the MT for children in sports is suitable for children between 8 and 14 years of age
  • 8 meetings, each lasting 60 minutes, are included and can be held in person or online via Skype
  • the programme helps children understand the basic Mental Training techniques which cover three areas: emotion regulation, focus and motivation
  • between the meetings children get assignments through which they practice newly learned Mental Training techniques and develop new skills
  • If there is more than one child interested there is a possibility to organise group meetings

What you get from the programme

  • Individual meetings
  • Support in mastering basic Mental training techniques
  • Individual Mental training plan

They decided to be better with Mental Training

  • “Although I’ve always invested so much in my sport and been successful in it, Mental Training has taught me how to self-control in all situations and how to enter and stay in the Zone. Work with mental coaches get me real self-confidence based on everyday investment, and anxiety has dropped to the limit that is almost gone”

    Damir Martin (2014.-2018.)
  • “All of you who’ve seen pole vaulting may conclude that it’s not just a physical sport, but is, for the most part, a strenuous psychological activity. Before I started working with the wonderful people in Mental Training, I lacked focus and nothing made sense, but our joint work pulled me out of impossible situations as I found my way to the top.
    Working with Mental Training helped me realize my dreams and beyond towards better and greater goals..”

    Ivan Horvat (2014.-2018.)
  • “In tennis, Mental Training for me in tennis means so mucha lot to me. I’ am calmer, more I focused, more concentrated, and I know what to do in any moments. Those few percent I couldn’t find i It’s just something what I’ve been lackeding in my the tennis game, the few percent which I could not find. Mental tTraining has built made me a better person and, because of it it, I’m always motivated and always wanteager to do more. It just simply helps me at in all life moments of life and I can no’t longer imagine my life without thatit any more -, especially in a tennis gamewhen I play tennis.”

    Jan Kos
    Tenis player
  • “Mental Training provides me support in my most critical moments from which I should come out stronger than before.”

    Luka Paliska

Do you want to join?


250.00 HRK (34 EUR) per meeting

The programme consists of 8 meetings under the guidance of one of our trainers and can be taken online or in person in our office.

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    What do parents say about our programme?

    • “The programme is perfectly put together, but what I liked the most is the relationship between the trainer and children”. I believe it is the trainer that makes the programme perfect. The transfer of the knowledge is exceptional as well as keeping childrens’ attention. I would recommend this programme to everybody.”

    • “Extremely useful for children. Any form of working and investing in personal development starting from an early age results in developing mental toughness and happier everyday life. ”

    • “I am thrilled! I would recommend the programme to everyone, that is, I believe that every child should go through it. He can transfer what he learned from you to sport, but also everyday life situations.”

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