Mental training for University students

Everyone has an opportunity to learn how to manage their focus, motivation, and emotions to be the best they can be. We will help you learn how to face everyday academic stress more effectively.

Mental training for University students is a new Mental Training programme designed for students who face numerous challenges of student life and academic requirements. Throughout the programme, you will learn many simple and easy-to-use techniques in a short time. Using these techniques will enable you to stay calm and focused in stressful situations as well as motivated throughout the academic year.

What is Mental Training?

Mental Training is a unique technology of training, approaches, and tools with the aim of developing mental abilities in individuals who want to realize their full potential.

Mental Training represents the psychology of excellence that, with its simple and scientifically based techniques, works on the development of personal excellence regardless of context.

Our goal is to take full advantage of one’s potential and help them be the best they can be, leave a mark, progress daily, and break barriers.



Who, what, why

Who can participate?

This programme is for all university students who want to master the basics of Mental Training and learn to cope better with everyday challenges and academic stress.

What do you get?

You get practical and scientifically-based tools that will help you improve your own motivation, focus, and emotion regulation.

Why this programme?

Motivation, focus, and emotional stability are the key to achieving academic success. We want to show simple ways of achieving these to our students.

The training is conducted individually, online or in person, in the form of structured workshops to ensure high quality of work. Our aim is for each participant to be able to quickly and efficiently use the learned tools in everyday life, and to encourage him/her to achieve academic success. Mental Training represents the psychology of excellence. For this reason, we put emphasis on examples and practical experience.

The training is conducted through consultation with the trainer, for 1 hour, through 8 consecutive workshops. To ensure your progress, regular tasks and homeworks are given. This way you will practice Mental Training tools between workshops as well.

Do you want to join?


300 HRK (40 EUR) per meeting/workshop

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    Together with our clients we are part of their story

    • “The Mental Training program for me was a great experience for me! I was very interested and motivated to get learn about concrete specific ways of achieving excellence in everyday life, butand the program surpassed the my high expectations sI had inat the beginning of training. Each week, we had structured aWe covered a variety of topics every week in a very structured way – from setting goals up to goals to achieving them. What their realization. I most liked the most was the practical side of the program – gettingbeing acquainted with techniques like mental simulation, mindfulness and breathing techniques. Practicing these techniques and working on personal topics of personal interest is what makes MT makes this program not only the a program, but a training, too. I can say that I have caome out of this program richer for the experiences and knowledges I still use today to work moreto be stay more efficiently in different areas of my private and professional life.”

      Dora Kovač
    • “I’m very glad that I went through the MT program because I learned to unlock the great hidden potential that I wore had in me all the whole time in myself. It turned out that Having knowing several techniques – such as practical breathing techniques for stress situations and body and mood activation techniques as well as those to activate my body and mood- are is very useful beneficial to for me. Throughout the workshopworkshop, I also learned how to better organize my time.manage my valuable time better and realized what my important life goals are. To me it’s very valuable to know which goals are important to me in life. During the whole process, the MT team was very svery upportivesupportive and I’m glad Ii’m able to call them friends today. :)”

      Niko Goga


    Stress as an opportunity to grow

    What is stress, what kinds of stress exist, how stress is developed and maintained; relaxation exercise

    The relationship between thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and physiology

    The importance of intensity management for focus control. Mindfulness meditation for achieving peace and gaining control over your feelings

    Relaxation exercises

    How to influence the physiology with deep and shallow relaxation techniques and biofeedback training

    Achieving emotion management

    How to change emotions, thoughts, and physiology by changing body posture; positive self-talk; body scan

    Motivation and exam preparation

    How to set up smart, personally important, and achievable goals and how to persevere in their realization; Exam preparations by using routines and rituals

    Basic values

    The role of values in the motivational process; defining personal values

    Personal MT program

    Creating a personal MT plan; revision; summary

    Education lecturers

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    What the program looks like

    • we conduct workshops individually, once a week for one hour
    • at each meeting you will learn new Mental Training tools
    • track your progress through the MT App
    • between meetings, you will get assignments to practice the learned techniques and skills

    What you get from the program

    • increased productivity in everyday, academic life
    • focus in important situations
    • stable motivation
    • peace in challenging situations
    • easiness in stressful situations
    • clearly defined goals
    • ways to cope with stress