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Light perception or our vision is the main stimulus for activating muscles in our body. The way we process and perceive the environment is a habit we have gained through life. This mechanism of processing visual information and making decisions can be assessed, analyzed, and trained and, thus, used for improving individuals’ efficiency. This kind of training is being conducted for more than 20 years and its usage has been proven in almost every profession, whether you are professional athlete or you work with computers.

We use equipment for testing, analyzing, and training sensory-motor skills. The aim of our program is to show individuals the drawbacks in how they process visual information and then train these skills so they can improve their performance in certain situations. Disabilities in data processing mechanism cannot be compensated with physical strength. In other words, if our eyes do not function properly, hard training will not give you the desired results.

Who can participate?

Anyone can benefit from this program, whether you are a professional athlete, a soldier, a police officer, a driver, a pilot or you simply sit in the office all day and work on a computer.

What do you get?

Senaptec Sensory Station

tests 10 crucial sensory-motor skills and automatically compares your results with the results of your direct competitors. Except from testing, it provides you the opportunity to train and improve those skills.

Senaptec Strobe Glasses

are used for improving reaction speed, body balance, and many other skills that we use on a daily basis and which are important for your performance. These glasses represent a revolution in training and synchronizing our eyes with our bodies. How do they work? Senaptec Strobe glasses limit the visual information athletes receive and, therefore, activate all sensory skills.

Senaptec Synchrony

tests how your eyes function in pair and whether they are synchronized with your body, which affects your ability to predict something and react quickly.

Individual training plan

after complete testing and results’ analysis, we create an individual training plan. For athletes, exercises are planned in cooperation with the coach and then they are incorporated in everyday sports activities.

Why this program?

By going through our program, individuals can significantly improve the skills they use every day at work. It is a fact that people capable of processing more than one visual information in a short period of time have a head start and, just like training any other muscle in our body, training your eyes can be of huge contribution to having a successful career.

More about testing and training

The first step is a complete ophthalmic check-up (eye testing) to make sure your eyes are ok. Using the Senaptec Sensory Station, the complete eye test takes approximately 40 minutes for all 10 skills. After analyzing the results, we create an individual training plan in line with your results and needs. The training consists of 30 minutes training sessions in our MT Center once a week, while you can do the rest of the exercises at home or implement them in your everyday training. The recommended time of training before a next eye test is 3 months.

Did you know?

Research conducted on Olympic athletes showed that 50% of them have never done a complete eye exam, and 30% of them had less than 100% of vision. The way we process and perceive the environment is a habit we gain through life. Our eyes simply receive too much information to process it all at the same time. In order to prevent that kind of overload, we have all gained a very important skill – we ignore what is not essential. For example, if you are walking down the street you are not aware of absolutely everything going on around you. Instead, you focus on things you find important and interesting in that moment. Besides improving top athletes’ visual skills, thanks to its revolutionary equipment Senaptec revealed that after various neurological and motor damage there is still undiscovered space in therapy. Brain and head injuries can significantly affect person’s visual and sensorimotor skills. By using Senaptec equipment, we can significantly affect the outcome of treatment and recovery of individuals. Besides injuries, there are different developmental disorders that can affect a person’s motor skills. So far, working on Senaptec equipment has shown that integration of such individuals into everyday life can be significantly eased.

Senaptec Sensory Station can help people with autism, attention deficit disorder (ADHD) as well as people suffering from anxiety.

Senaptec Strobe Glasses can help people suffering from multiple sclerosis, people who suffered a heart attack, and even in some cases of surgery rehabilitation (e.g. knee surgery).

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