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Biofeedback and neurofeedback training

By using the latest technology available, Mental Training is dedicated to improving perception, developing focus, and managing emotions.

We train people to be the best they can be and, to do that, we assembled a team of the best professionals and the best technology for everyone’s needs.

We do not offer only answers, but we train you to be the way you want to be!

To achieve top results, it is important to stay in control of your thoughts and emotions. Top athletes often get into the zone of optimal functioning where such control is superb. Unfortunately, they enter the zone periodically and by accident because they do not know how to get into the zone daily and intentionally.

The technology we use in our daily work with professionals in sport and business allows every individual to observe everything that is going on in their body and brain. Once emotions and thoughts become visible, controlling them becomes easier. Our trainers will teach you how to control yourself and how to prepare for important situations, challenging moments, and how to function better in everyday life in general.

Our trainers have years of experience in conducting biofeedback and neurofeedback training with many top and Olympic athletes. For this purpose, we have developed a methodical, systematical training programme that can be adapted to each individual.

What do you get?

The best mental trainers (psychologists) will conduct two types of training with you that will help you achieve your full potential. The two types of training are focused on developing self-control, emotion management, and thoughts management with the aim of getting you into the zone of optimal functioning needed for top performance!

Biofeedback training

Our intensity (nerve system arousal) influences our focus. In certain situations, our focus weakens as a result of inadequate emotional control. This training is based on your body’s feedback during training via a device that tracks your heart rate, heart rate variability, galvanic skin response, muscle tension, and temperature. Based on this feedback, you will learn how to control these body functions and how to manage your emotional and physical state.

Neurofeedback training

Getting into the zone of which athletes, artists and speakers talk about mostly depends on our focus and peace. Our technology gives you an opportunity to see your brain waves in relation to peace and focus. The information gathered will teach you how to recognize the moment you enter the zone. Through systematic training with our trainers, you will learn how to get into the zone on a daily basis, especially when you have to perform at your best.

Why this programme?

Professionals spend thousands of hours focused on their professional development every year, but only a few of them invest some extra time in developing their mental abilities. Participating in our programme gives you the everyday advantage over your competition and directs you towards developing your full potential and professional growth. With the right tools, achieving excellence is undeniable. All you need is the right training.

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