MT for children in sports

Are you a parent of a young athlete? A child’s sports path is not easy to coordinate with school responsibilities and due to the simple fact that children should be exactly that – children. Children face defeat, anxiety, fear, and failure for the first time and they need support. Learning the techniques of Mental Training in a group helps them deal with everyday difficulties in sports as well as in everyday life.

“Let your child join to one of our MT groups and help him/her overcome all the little and all the big worries they might have.

What the program looks like

  • the MT for children in sports is organized for children between 8-11 and 12-14 years old in small groups
  • the program takes place in the Mental Training offices once a week for 90 minutes, in a total of 8 meetings
  • it helps kids understand the basic Mental Training techniques divided into three areas: emotion control, focus and motivation
  • between the meetings children get assignments for practising Mental Training techniques and skills
  • program can also be taken online, semi-individual or individual

What you get from the program

  • education about using basic Mental Training techniques
  • Mental Training techniques adapted to children in sports
  • sharing experiences in a group
  • individual Mental Training plan for each student

They decided to be better with Mental Training

  • “Although I’ve always invested so much in my sport and been successful in it, Mental Training has taught me how to self-control in all situations and how to enter and stay in the Zone. Work with mental coaches get me real self-confidence based on everyday investment, and anxiety has dropped to the limit that is almost gone”

    Damir Martin (2014.-2018.)
  • “All of you who’ve seen pole vaulting may conclude that it’s not just a physical sport, but is, for the most part, a strenuous psychological activity. Before I started working with the wonderful people in Mental Training, I lacked focus and nothing made sense, but our joint work pulled me out of impossible situations as I found my way to the top.
    Working with Mental Training helped me realize my dreams and beyond towards better and greater goals..”

    Ivan Horvat (2014.-2018.)
  • “In tennis, mMental tTraining for me in tennis means so mucha lot to me. I’ am calmer, more I focused, more concentrated, and I know what to do in any moments. Those few percent I couldn’t find i It’s just something what I’ve been lackeding in my the tennis game, the few percent which I could not find. Mental tTraining has built made me a better person and, because of it it, I’m always motivated and always wanteager to do more. It just simply helps me at in all life moments of life and I can no’t longer imagine my life without thatit any more -, especially in a tennis gamewhen I play tennis.”

    Jan Kos
    Tenis player
  • “Mental Training provides me support in my most critical moments from which I should come out stronger than before.”

    Luka Paliska

Do you want to join?


800.00 kn (100 HRK for each session)

The program consists of 8 group sessions under the guidance of our trainers.

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