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MT Online Education for Coaches

You are not from Zagreb? Do you often have competitions on weekends? Do you have a lot of commitments and can’t spend two full days educating yourself?

Online Education for Coaches is intended for all trainers who want to learn the specific techniques and tools of Mental Training from the comfort of their home and at a pace that suits them! Online education lets you access content whenever you want, wherever you want it.

This is a science-based education of a practical nature, supported by hundreds of trainers and intended for those who are willing to learn.

What is Mental Training?

Mental Training is a unique technology of training, approaches, and tools with the aim of developing mental abilities in individuals who want to realise their full potential.

Mental Training represents the psychology of excellence that, with its simple and scientifically based techniques, works on the development of personal excellence regardless of context.

Our goal is to take full advantage of athletes’ potential and help them be the best they can be, leave a mark, progress daily, and break barriers.


What do you get

  • one year access to the education and all the materials
  • full HD video material of our education
  • audio materials of Mental Training exercises
  • entire PPT presentation of our education
  • MT notes with all the exercises and assignments
  • written content of the whole education as well as parts of our guide for coaches
  • 1 hour of additional supervision with our trainers
  • written exam
  • the only verified certificate in these areas

Who, what and why

Who can participate?

MT welcomes everyone who works with athletes on a daily basis. Sports coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, fitness trainers, and psychologists will be able to use the tools immediately upon finishing the training.

What do you get?

In the 12 hours of education, you get practical and quick-to-use tools that will enable you to work on motivation, focus and emotion management with your athletes.

Why online MT education?

The online format allows you to acquire knowledge and tools of Mental Training at your own pace and in your own time, while ALL of our content remains available LONG-TERM.



How to identify internal and external motivation and how to use it; how to improve the engagement of athletes; how to recognize and use personal values as motivation; how to deliver a motivational speech; how to set goals…


What affects focus and how to reduce distractions; how to use mental simulation; how to define and use routines and rituals; how to help an athlete in the training process and how to prepare an athlete for competition; how to develop your own focus exercises…

Emotion management

How to identify and reduce competition anxiety; how to fight against negative perfectionism; how to use relaxation techniques; how to manage intensity; how to use positive self-talk; how to develop mental fitness (endurance, strength, flexibility)…


12 hours of education; materials for independent learning; individual meeting with our trainers; oral examination of practical knowledge; certification by the only verified Mental Training program in our country.

Education lecturers

Igor Čerenšek

mag. psych.

Ana Čerenšek


Possibilities for program participants

  • learning directly from trainers who do this daily
  • sharing knowledge with professionals
  • learning 20 useful techniques and tools you can use right away
  • obtaining a certificate as a guarantee of practical knowledge

What each program participant gets

  • entry into our database of trainers and access to additional knowledge and tools
  • discounts on upcoming educations and seminars
  • possibility of additional supervision and support

Our aim is that every participant understands the basics of Mental Training and that they can quickly and efficiently implement what they have learned in everyday life. Mental Training represents the psychology of excellence. For this reason, we put emphasis on examples and practical experience in working with numerous top athletes.

This training is your chance to find out answers to all questions related to mental preparation in sports. Upon completing the education, you have an opportunity to take additional work, supervision, and counseling as well as exams for obtaining a certificate. Our MT certificate is the only guarantee of expertise in the field of mental preparation in these areas.

Over 300 coaches and psychologists from all over Croatia and beyond have attended the MT Education. We have worked for numerous Croatian teams, associations, clubs, and foreign sports associations. Coaches from 32 different sports have participated in our training so far, but our athletes are the best proof of our quality of work.

So far, we have worked or are still working with athletes such as Damir Martin, Ivan Horvat, Lolo Jones, Anđela Mužinić, Adrian Šemper, Petar Matiasevic, Vlatko Kiuk, Borna Ćorić, Jana Fett, Damir Džumhur, Nikola Mektić, Dino Marcan, Natko Zrnčić Dim, Filip Ivić, Vedrana Malec, Lovro Majer, Kristijan Vincetić…

The only certified Mental Training program in our country.

different sports
years of experience
Olympic medals

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    Together with our clients we are a part of their story

    • “Throughout every workshop I gained the knowledge that I use today with all of my athletes. Individual results are now much better. I recommend to all trainers who have problems with the mental preparation of their athletes!”

      Dario Bašić
      Head Coach of U-17 Croatian Football Team