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Our seminars will teach you how to apply the best techniques and tools in the field of mental training. The goal of each seminar is to cover one specific area such as focus, children in sports, routines and rituals, coach and athlete relationships, lifestyle changes, and collaboration with parents in more detail. MT seminars have a limited number of students and encourage interaction between students and trainers. They are designed for sports  and fitness coaches who want to gain specific knowledge and techniques.

At the end of each seminar, you will have specific tools that you can apply in your first training session. Seminars are held one Tuesday a month, from 5pm to 8pm, and upon completion of the seminar, coaches receive a certificate of participation.

16.10.2018. arousal management for better focus

Relaxation exercises for better focus management

Poor performance at competitions is often caused by too much arousal, which is typically followed by poor control of focus. Nervousness characterized by a high level of excitement is an obstacle to many athletes that prevents them form showing their abilities at competitions. Instructions ‘Calm down, relax’ do not work because athletes still do not know how to calm down. At this seminar, you will learn how to reduce arousal and its relation to focus.

The coach will be able to:

  • describe the relationship between arousal and focus
  • apply a relaxation exercise to reduce anxiety
  • distinguish different zones of arousal
  • describe when focus is best

20.11.2018. How to train focus?

Proper focusing and mental simulation for better performance

This seminar is for all coaches who already know that focus can be trained, but they want to learn more about it and help their athletes overcome certain technical and tactical elements. Moreover, you will learn about mental simulation, what is it used for, and how to use it correctly.

The coach will be able to:

  • understand focus better, train it, and differentiate between types of attention
  • explain to athletes how to direct focus properly during performance by using focus points
  • understand the basics of mental simulation and use it correctly in their work with athletes

11.12.2018. Model of changing your lifestyle and habits

How to help clients achieve a long desired change

Amateurs often make decisions to start eating healthier and exercising more, but the new lifestlye does not last long. There are many reasons why they give up, but they all lead to the same conclusion: the necessary lifestyle changes have not been planned thoroughly and systematically in order for the changes to stick around. Your role as a coach is to know the life stages your client is going through during that change so you can provide them with adequate support and, eventually, have a satisfied client.

The coach will be able to:

  • describe the life-changing stages
  • assess in what stage their client is
  • apply a motivational dialogue
  • apply a relapse talk (succumbing to old habits) when it appears

22.1.2019. Time management at competitions

What are routines in sport and when to use them?

Time management before and during competitions significantly affects our focus and our performance. Having that in mind, at this seminar you will learn how to help athletes improve time management and, therefore, manage their focus better by using routines before and during competitions.

The coach will be able to:

  • understand what rituals are and how rituals differ from superstition
  • design routines with their atheltes for better time management based on specific guidelines
  • understand time management before and during competitions to help athletes direct their focus

19.2.2019. Little “professionals” or children in sports

How to help children enjoy sports more?

Working with children in sports is very specific and coaches need to be very adaptive. This seminar gives coaches an opportunity to learn how to adapt certain Mental Training techniques to children and, thus, increase the quality of work with children in sports. Overall, such approach will teach children to enjoy and stay in sports longer.

The coach will be able to:

  • explain to children some specific technical and tactical elements of their sport in a simple way and accelerate their skill mastery
  • direct children towards more enjoyment in sports and reduce the pressure of achieving results based on specific guidelines
  • define and distinguish engagement from performance and fit it into everyday work with children

19.3.2019. Relationship – the factor that makes difference

How to establish and maintain a good relationship with athletes

The seminar is for all coaches who recognize the importance of having a good ‘coach-athlete’ relationship and want to be more skilled at it. The seminar will raise your awareness about such relationships and advance your communication skills for establishing smoother and longer relationships with athletes and/or clients.

The coach will be able to:

  • recognize the importance of establishing good relationships with their athletes and/or clients
  • explain and distinguish key elements and stages of establishing relationships
  • explain and apply different communication tools for establishing and maintaining relationships
  • integrate what they have learned into everyday practice with athletes

16.4.2019. Seven steps for cooperation with parents

How to hold a successful parents meeting

Parents, as well as coaches, are an important link in sports development of children and their cooperation is necessary. Therefore, this seminar is for all coaches who want to be more successful in communicating with parents. The coaches will learn why, when, and how to hold a successful coach-parents meeting and how to prepare properly.

The coach will be able to:

  • understand why parents meeting is important and when is best to do it
  • plan and organize a good, quality parents meeting
  • recognize and define their own training philosophy and expectations of athletes and parents
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