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Loss of motivation after a defeat, lack of focus in key moments, or nervousness before important competitions are some of the most common problems in modern sport. If you have experience with any of the issues above, our Mental Training will surely be of help. We will discover the causes and find the most appropriate way to achieve your goal – high-quality performance in key moments – through individual consultations.

Some of the most common reasons and statements made by athletes who choose to work with Mental Training:

  • significantly worse performance in competition compared to training ("I'm great at training, whatever I want, I can do it and I'm really fit, but when the competition comes I just can't show what I can do and I'm at least 50% worse than at training. ")
  • the desire for progress ("I don't think I have a problem, but I just want to move faster and be better in every aspect.")
  • anxiety at competitions ("I worry about how I'm going to play, am I going to make a mistake and I wish the competition ends as soon as possible to reduce that annoying feeling.")
  • dissatisfaction with self-confidence ("I do not believe I can play great, I constantly question myself and constantly think about the best solution and I am often hesitant and known to react late.")
  • career stagnation despite great effort ("I try hard in training, I keep an eye on nutrition, I train more in the gym, but for the last year I have the impression that I am standing still. When the competition comes I am where I was a year ago.")
  • difficulties with bearing the coach's criticism ( "I'm worried and afraid what the coach will say if I make a mistake and I have the impression that because of that I cannot let go and play how I know.")
  • transitioning from younger age categories to older ones ("I don't have the results I had before, and I have a hard time coping with bigger and stronger opponents. Sometimes I wonder if I can adapt.")
  • difficulties with tolerating mistakes ( "I often get angry at myself when I make a mistake, I want to make things the best that I can and then I have a hard time when I make mistakes. Sometimes mistakes pile up one after another and I have a hard time until the end of the training to stop thinking about it.")

What is Mental Training?

Mental Training is a unique technology of training, approaches, and tools with the aim of developing mental abilities in individuals who want to realize their full potential.

Mental Training represents the psychology of excellence that, with its simple and scientifically based techniques, works on the development of personal excellence regardless of context.

Our goal is to take full advantage of one’s potential and help them be the best they can be, leave a mark, progress daily, and break barriers.


What the process of working with a mental trainer looks like

Contact and agreement

arrangement of a free info appointment to see how mental training can help you

Introductory interview

an introductory interview and the completion of a psychological battery of questionnaires to define space for progress and to set work goals

Individualised meetings

one-on-one meetings once a week for 60 min (live or via Skype) in which we teach you Mental Training through an individualized program

Practicing techniques

practicing Mental Training techniques at home, in school and in everyday situations and activities

Monitoring progress

Track progress through the app

(Re)defining space for progress

(re)defining space for progress because Mental Training takes as long as people want to progress and invest

What you get from the program

  • the ability to maintain focus at key moments
  • stable motivation
  • peace in challenging situations
  • faster reaction time in sport conditions
  • clearly defined goals
  • greater engagement at training and on competitions
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    Together with our clients we are a part of their story

    • “Although I’ve always invested so much in my sport and been successful in it, Mental Training has taught me how to self-control in all situations and how to enter and stay in the Zone. Work with mental coaches get me real self-confidence based on everyday investment, and anxiety has dropped to the limit that is almost gone”

      Damir Martin (2014.-2018.)
    • “All of you who’ve seen pole vaulting may conclude that it’s not just a physical sport, but is, for the most part, a strenuous psychological activity. Before I started working with the wonderful people in Mental Training, I lacked focus and nothing made sense, but our joint work pulled me out of impossible situations as I found my way to the top.
      Working with Mental Training helped me realize my dreams and beyond towards better and greater goals..”

      Ivan Horvat (2014.-2018.)
    • “In tennis, mental training means a lot to me. I’m calmer, more focused, more concentrated, and I know what to do in any moment. Those few percent I couldn’t find is just what I’ve lacked in my game. Mental training has made me a better person and, because of it, I’m always motivated and eager to do more. It simply helps me in all life moments and I can’t imagine my life without it any more – especially when I play tennis.”

      Jan Kos
      Tennis player
    • “Mental Training provides me support in my most critical moments from which I should come out stronger than before.”

      Luka Paliska