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Mental Training – A Guide for Coaches

A learning coach is a progressing coach.

This guide is made based on 10 years of learning and day-to-day practical work with athletes. It contains the most specific techniques and tools we personally apply in our work, bringing you not only their theoretical background but detailed application instructions, too. The guide leads you through the process of mental preparation by revealing WHAT, WHY and HOW to use Mental Training and fit it into your work, regardless of whether you are working with professional athletes, amateurs, or children.

If you are the type of coach who wants to learn, grow, and achieve excellence with your athletes on a daily basis then the tools you will find in this guide will surely help you on your way. With the help of our guide, you will learn how to motivate your athletes, develop focus, and manage emotions in moments that count the most.

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Who is this guide for?

Although primarily intended for sports and fitness trainers, it is of use to everyone who works with professional athletes and amateures – fitness coaches, personal trainers and psychologists. Of course, this guide will also serve athletes who want to put in the extra work in their mental preparation.

What do you get in the guide?

50 specific tools that will help you and your athletes in developing excellence. The synergy of motivation, focus, and emotional management will stimulate the development of mental fitness in every athlete, and this guide will unmask the secret to achieving such synergy.

Why to buy this MT guide?

This unique guide avoids theorizing and focuses on practical application. It is a product of long-term experience and contains proven methods of Mental Training used by successful athletes and Olympic medalists. Tools in this guide will allow you to work independently on mentaly preparing your athletes.

Find out what to expect in the guide

Guide Content


What Is Mental Training (MT)? MT is a unique technology of training, approaches, and tools with the aim of developing mental abilities in individuals who want to realize their full potential.

Motivation in Sports

This chapter covers the area we consider the most important and probably the most complex aspect of mental preparation. This theme is important for all athletes, amateurs, and coaches.

Focus Development

This chapter deals with establishing, building, and maintaining relationships as well as some important communication principles. This subject is really basic to anyone who works with people, in sports and out of sports.

Emotion Management

In this chapter, you will find numerous techniques, forms, and even detailed instructions for performing various exercises for managing emotions. Since emotions are an inevitable part of every sport activity, be it for achieving excellent results for athletes or getting rid of accumulated stress for amateurs, knowing these skills may be of professional as well as personal benefit.

Approach and Attitude to Work with Athletes

Ovo se poglavlje bavi uspostavom odnosa te njegovom rastu i održavanju, kao i nekim važnim komunikacijskim načelima. Ta je tematika uistinu bazična za svakog tko radi s ljudima, u sportu i van sporta.

Mental Training for Children in Sports

This chapter gives you clear instructions on how to customize the MT for younger populations. Although often neglected, children are the backbone of sport development at national and global level.

The Importance of Synergy

This chapter merges all the above mentioned into a meaningful whole and once again sums up all the tools in the guide. It gives you the ability to design an individual Mental Training plan for athletes.

About the Author

Igor Čerenšek

mag. psych.

This guide was written by psychologist Igor Čerenšek, founder and owner of the brand Mental Training. Igor participaned at the 2004 Olympics in Athens and was a member of the National Swimming Team for many years. He started composing the concept of Mental Training during his studies in the United States. Since 2008, he has been applying it in his work with athletes and everyone interested in achieving excellence.

“By helping others to live their own excellence, we believe we’re making the world a better place.”

 During his career, Igor worked with several hundred athletes as well as a swimming coach when he finally decided to write down his experiences and make them available to his closest associates and key people in the development of sport excellence – coaches! For this reason, this guide is an integral part of Mental Training Education for Coaches, which is the only such certified program in these areas!

Igor is a leading expert on Mental Training in the region. In his spare time, he writes articles and columns on his website and many others.

“We provide the best support available to those who choose excellence because it is every person’s right and a matter of personal choice.”

Online Education for Coaches

You are not from Zagreb? Do you often have competitions on weekends? Do you have a lot of commitments and can’t spend two full days educating yourself?

Online Education for Coaches is intended for all trainers who want to learn the specific techniques and tools of Mental Training from the comfort of their home and at a pace that suits you! Online education lets you access content whenever you want, wherever you want it.

This is a science-based education, supported by hundreds of trainers, of a practical nature and intended for those who are willing to learn what they cannot do anywhere else.